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2020 Offspring



Filly | Valverde x MSJ Top Secret II

Sold Canada


Peter InPixioPeter

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Hooz Da Kat



Paul InPixioPaul 

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Hooz Da Kat


Porsche InPixioPorsche 

Filly | Jethro Tull x Elle Carrera


QuabrixHavana InPixioPorn Star

Filly | Quabri de L'Isle x Havana Star


PetuniaPetunia Girl

Filly | Jethro Tull x Jojo Girl



Gelding | Springbank II x Uminka

Sold Canada




Filly | Don Quixote x Verzay Z


 P Goliath 20P'Diddy

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Ilana


 Perry 20Perry

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Volibria


Poker Face conf 1 Poker Face

Gelding | Adequan Z x Contikki

Sold Canada


Panache Panache

Filly | Wynton x Figorantin


KVFPhotoComingSoon Priabria

Filly | Don QuixoteVolibria

KVFPhotoComingSoon Picatsio

Filly | Jethro Tull x Beya Cat

KVFPhotoComingSoon Phorest

Gelding | Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Hooz Da Kat

KVFPhotoComingSoon Prideax Harbor

Filly | Tacorde x I'Edea