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2019 Offspring



Gelding | Tacorde x Contikki

Sold Canada


Jethro x Ilanacolt19O'Keefe

GeldingJethro Tull x Ilana

 Sold Canada


 Donny x zowiiOphelia

Filly | Don Quixote x Verzay Z

Sold Canada


Jethro x Rosieconf19 Orion

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Rosario



 Ostarlsconf1aug19O'Star De Chaccon

Filly | Chacoon Blue x Havanna Star

Sold Canada



Gelding | Grey Flanell x Uminka

 Sold USA


 Jethro x Delila coltOliver

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Delilah

 Sold Canada

 Jethro x Wendyconf19O'Flanigan

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Wendy


 Corland x BeyaO'Cor Da Kat

Filly | Corland x Beya Cat


 Zeno x Beya fillyOdessa Cat

Filly | Zeno x Beya Cat


 Donny x Wendy fillyO'Shea

Filly | Don Quixote x Wendy

 Sold Canada

 Jethro x JojoOh Boye

Gelding | Jethro Tull x Jojo Girl

 Sold Canada

Tacorde x TinaOleander

Gelding | Tacorde x Coimbra 5

 Sold Canada

Jethro x ContikiOcean Pearl

Filly | Jethro Tull x Contikki  

Sold Canada 


Gelding| Daily Deal x Figoratin

Sold Canada

 Oconcor conf 3O'Concor

Colt | Tacorde x Chiara

Retained as a Stallion 


 Tac x RosieOrange Crush

Gelding | Tacorde x Rosario